I don't think they do, I've never actually used the same covered and an uncovered side by side so I can't say from my own experience.

If you're thinking about it for your LP special I wouldn't bother. To cover yours you'll have to use wax inside the covers which will probably mean paying someone to do it and to be honest Epi pups aren't worth spending money on. The other option is new pups. If you get more Epi pups, covered ones your spending the money just for covers cause they'll still sound average. Any decent pups would probably be a waste on that guitar.
they brighten up the tone a little bit
nothing else though


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Not that great a change, like hendriko said it just brightens your tone by a tiny bit. Other than that nothing.
I was asking Tim from BKP when I bought my pups about that very question. He told me they round the bass and treble response, making the tone slightly warmer, rather than brighter.
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