does anyone know how to re create the jet sound which satch uses in surfing with the alien? i need to spend as little as possible and i need to get the pedals soon for a gig in 2 weeks

thanks for all the help!
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flanger or a phaser

the mxr phase 90 is only $70 bucks

and look at the mxr flanger or boss flanger


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Behringer and Danelectro pedals are dirt cheap unfortunately I have no experience with the phasers by either brands but you can get sounds clips on musiciansfriend.com
^^Hey, I've been sigged. But seriously. You don't really need to have a new pedal just for that one song. It doesn't necessarily need to be EXACTLY the same as Satch's version.
well a jet sound is usually achieved with a flanger. i dont know the song so i dont know exactly what would be good. try out a couple flanger pedals at a local store and see if you find one you like. OR experiment with what you currently have to see what you can do. obviously you wont get the exact sound, but if its for only one song you may not want to shell out for a decent pedal. instead try recreating the sound using any pedals you already have (wah may help for this) and tweaking your volume and tone knobs. if you can rest a finger on the knobs while playing, you can turn them to get some cool sounds that may give you what you want. thats the cheapest option.
I'm not even sure if the sound on the intro of Surfing is a guitar, i think it's just a sound effect...just record it and play it back.
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AD/A Flanger. nuff said

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flanger! its a jet flanger setting, try the BOSS BF-3. thats what i use, and they even have a preset in the manual for it, try that and mess with it to get it the way you want it.

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