I have an old Peavey Backstage Plus guitar amp (solid-state, cir. 1980's.) The reverb died so I removed the reverb pan and taped the ends of the wires (not together, just the ends to insulate them.) Strange. Now the reverb knob acts as a volume/distortion boost which is foot-switchable. The distortion boost is great. The volume boost is about 3 or 5. It also adds presence.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
Since I like it I will just play it like this until it blows up.
Thanks man. I have been playing since the early 1970's (Hendrix, Led Zep, etc.) and I have some good equipment, but I am a novice when it comes to electronics.
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I have lots more questions.
yeah i bought my Peavey Classic third hand from a guy and he noted that the reverb doesnt work, but i found that it does exactly what yours does. i wonder if it's just a Peavey thing?

and my amp was made in '76 ...
Peaveys are some strange animals. Great amps, but you have to tweak the knobs extensively to get the sounds you are after.
Maybe we should contact Peavey and let them in on this. Might be the precursor to Transtube
it does that because you bypassed the reverb, the reverb needs to be driven pretty hard because it neds a lot of energy to make the springs vibrate, when that extra power isnt going through the reverb tank its going straight to the power amp, thus giving you a boost.
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Makes sense to me. Might be a good reason to get amps without reverb and use a Holy Grail.