I've searched but haven't really come up with anything.

Well I've been getting callouses on my picking finger because I've been finger picking like mad lately, which I usually don't tend to do. Their not my first I'm not some n00b so don't treat me as such. Well I'm ready to rip open the suckers seeing as I've gone through what I usually do when I get callouses on my picking fingers which is, First get the callous as big a possible so the skin stretches, then leave it alone for a while which will make the liquid go away and deflate it then take some sharp object, a knife perhaps, make a tear and let any remaining liquid seep out and rip the rest of the skin off accordingly. Well I'm just wondering if when I pop it, will "super glue" actually make it less painful to play? I've read people talk about it and say it does, but I think I also read something bad about it too, I really want to play again but pain in my finger causes an instant reaction in my hand to just jerk back sometimes which causes me to mess up.

Any advice is gladly appreciated.
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well the calouses is your skin hardening getting used to the string, so if your rip the calous off it will be painful, if you leave it there and let it harden it will reduce the pain, at least thats how it is when i lift weights.
Don't pop your callouses. It's bad for your skin. The proper way to deal with them is to let them heal on their own. It makes your finger tips tougher in the long run. But then again... who has time for that, right?

Super glue is ok, but if it's a big ass callous, super glue isn't going to work. Use some liquid band-aid. Which is basically super glue, but it's made specifically for bigger cuts.
If you want them to go away put your hand or fingers in hot water (NOT BOILING!) That should soften them a bit.
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ive noticed that since ive started playing lighter-guaged strings my calouses are like gone, literally. not that my fingertips hurt, i dont ever remember them hurting when i started playing, just my thumb from holding onto the neck. anyhow i switched from 12-52s down to 10-46s. but im gunna move up soon to 11-49s.