so i'm currently working on my second album, so here's five songs from it so i can try and get some feedback and whatnot. the link is in my sig. comment on any song you'd like, and i'll gladly return any deserving critiques.


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For Calling, the ticking drums clash with the rest, in my opinion. Also the vocals could use a bit more intensity and rawness. Very nice transition into the eruption and solo.

Confusion: The drums mess it up for me again. They just dont seem to fit.

Rain: Very well done, the different guitar tones and all. No crit here.

City at Night: The drums in the intro don't work for me again, and they also clash at the parts when you repeat "Were gonna rock the city at night" and during the guitar solo as well..

Overall, its very professional and clean sounding (except the drums.. I honestly dont know if it is just me sketching). Nice Gilmour influenced soloing and tone as well.

if you can find some time, could you please give a crit?
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confusion: al is right, the drums dont fit it all, you need a more crunchy beat, a lot more dirty and less refined, try using some heavier cymbal sounds and throw in some drum fills

calling: i really like it, its very chill, but its really missing some bass for me, it doesnt have to be complicated, but it should be there to round out the tone

rain: again, you need beefier drums, they are too light for the guitar riff, i really like the harmonies, but you should turn down the echo a tiny bit so it doesnt sound dissonant

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thanks for all the crits, and i'll be returning favors shortly...

i think as far as the drums go, the biggest part of it is that it's a cheap drum machine that can only do so much, so i'm hoping that's what's causing all the mess.

also, there is a version of calling that has bass, i just haven't put it up yet
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