Does anyone else find it slighty hipocritical of UG to display advertisments for sites(mainly ones for "hot college girls") that have excessive nudity/sexuallityon the ads, but if a user were display an image with the same content they would be banned/suspended? Now I know that these ads are placed so we can continue enjoying the UG service for free and i truly do appreciate it, but it think either the ads should be replaced, or the rules should be made more linient.
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UG is free, it gets revenue from these ads. It has no control over the ads.
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they have no control over the adds, and if they allowed posting pornographic pictures or links they would have to make the site 18+
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Actually those ads are alright, cause they don't have full nudity. And UG has no control over them anyway, I believe.
maybe if you spelled hypocrisy right then i would join your anti-ad revolution.......but no.
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... What everyone else said.
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