Here is my cover of Hey Hey My my (Into The Black). I have a lot of distortion because I tried to create the original tone. I kinda messed up in the beginning but the rest of the song is good. Crit 4 Crit. Link is in my sig.

edit: Please crit
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My My Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) was acoustic. Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) was the original one and it was distorted.
Not in love with the tone of the guitar. However, I only remember hearing the acoustic version so your tone might be right. Drums sound pretty good, could be a little more full. Vocals are a little pitchy.
Slow it down dude. Far too fast and tone is horrible. I know you used alot of distortion to get the original, but try recreating the tone instead of gain at max and tone at max. Try tone about half way and gain at about 3/4.

Vocals were...not really gonna comment on them
Slighly less distortion, I think it would still sound pretty close. The vocals are decent sometimes they sound really good, sometimes a little off but I liked them! THe solo tone is bad, less saturation. The solo it's self could also do with some work. The drums arn't bad considering there done on a keyboard.

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