i listen to:
joe satriani
Gary hoey
Yngwie Malmsteen
Eric Johnson

I was wondering if anyone else knew some other good solo/shred guitarists who use similar techniques like shred/arpeggios and sweep/etc which have cds and stuff on i tunes.
i need more music to practice lol.
Micheal Angelo Batio
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man jason becker is amazing hes like another joe satriani. but his guitar tone sucks it sounds like a squier through a solid state amp. ughh
i cant seem to find any miangelo batio on rhapsody at all, is he on i tunes, does he have cds. ive heard/seen him on GW
umm.... your forgetting the guitar god,


Listen to Jaws of Life by him it will change your life.
He also plays in dreamtheatre who also pwn.
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petrucci, gilbert, buckethead. glasgow kiss by petrucci is amazing, as well as many gilbert and buckethead pieces.
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some more unknown are chris impellitteri, marty friedman, stuff like that all the same never ending clichés
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Bruce boilet. Ron thal. Rusty Cooley. The list goes on and on.
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no one said Frank Gambale if your into fusion but he should satisfy all your sweeping needs
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Shawn Lane, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, and John Pertucci. They are all my favorites and all amazing.
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Marty Friedman. He is an aesome guitarist. Also, check out Buckethead. Listen to "Jordan". It's amazing.
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Originally posted by arrrgg
When my grandpa comes over to visit, after his shower, he walks around naked to dry off
a good way to find great guitarists is to listen to some internet radio like pandora.com
There you can name your favourite artists and they pick you out music that youre gonna like.

Oh and definatly check out buckethead, i would go beyond "Jordan" or "Notingham lace" , for a shred fest check out Cobrastrike II ,for a kick as rock/metal album check out Giant robot or Crime slunk scene and last but not least for a disney ride album check out Bucketheadland (1).

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