...but I used to have one and it sucked. What should I look for? I know that UHF is "better"...or at least it used to be...but what else should I look for? Do I really have to spend 700 bucks on a system to get a good one? I have a pretty nice rig so I really don't want a crap wireless to bring it crashing down. Besides...900 bucks on a guitar and 40 bucks on a wireless just doesn't seem right...lol

Any model recommendations/feedback on theirs?

i think they are samson, but it's like the little bug that plugs right into the input, avoid those... they do sound good, but i had a buddy that rented one to try out and it was great, but when he played live he jumped and when he landed, the thing fell out of his LP, smashed, and he was forced to buy it from the store.
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
Ooo....Mesa Dual Rec...el drool...lol

I've heard all kinds of bad shit about those things. They seemed more like a gimmick to me. I want something sturdy, pro (or at least pro-ish) quality that I can keep and use for a long time. My old one cut out all the time and it sucked...made me wireless-weary I guess you could say. I'll look into these things, though. It would be cool to be able to toss my wireless in my guitar box with me though...lol

Oh..."i wake up in the morning and piss excelence"...apparently your "excellence" isn't in spelling...lol