im fairly new to writing, and started getting my stuff together

ive been playing 2 and a half years and just began recording a couple months ago

i have some clips of songs and 2 backing tracks i made up on a music myspace i made and wanted to ask you guys for some critique on how i can improve the quality of my writing, considering im 7 months away from a berklee audition and want to get the best i can aside from reading theory books and performing in general in composing my own instrumental music


i appreciate all comments very much

thank you in advance
Wow. I think you are really good.

Sorry for not being more helpful.

Anyway good luck with berklee, you should be fine!
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thank you, it means alot

ive been cramming my head with music theory and performing as much as i can, i got a late start on music and am trying to catch up with my competition, practicing endlessly

it means alot to hear someone like my music
There is a forum called "riffs and recordings" or something to that effect. Please put this thread there instead.
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