Which is better suited for Metal like Lamb of god, while I can still do tapping but cleans doesn't matter. Well, I'd go with the Seymour Duncans only cuz its cheaper and its easier to install. Thanks once again pro's or UG.
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If you like Lamb of God, go with their set up, the Duncans. That would suit you better than the EMG's.
Metal like Lamb of God? You mean you aren't playing at all? Because LOG isn't metal...
nit-picking aside, go Duncans, I find its better to have passives with a nice organic tone, then have your amp add the distortion, instead of having actives that are stale, but have a lot of output, and then have your amp add even more gain to the mix.
Ultimatly its better to drive your amp, than your guitar...
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Hmmm... I've played both. EMGs all sort of come off with a "Heady" tone, sort of compressed, a very focused sound, good for soloing and harmonics and stuff. Duncans like that, would PROBABLY be better, they tend to have a warmer, deeper tone, and that's what Will Adler uses. So for LOG or Burn The Priest or something like that, I'd do Duncans. For extra fun with Duncans, do some ****ed up wiring.

Suggestion. No tone, wire the tone pot to either the inner or outter coils of one or both pickups. You could get a really nasty sound "rolling in" the humbucker. It's not something alotta people do, and it's cheap to have done. So what've you got to lose? IF you're playing metal keep your hands off the tone anyways.