Hi guys! I am going to buy my first electric and amp.
First, I've been playing for 4 months already on an acoustic, and ive decided my acoustic just can't do my music anymore. I like a lot of stuff from the beatles to avenged sevenfold, etc, so I'm looking for versatility. I tried out the stratocasters out at sam ash and absolultely loved it. So i decided to go the Strat route. But unfortunately I cannot afford a real strat, so I am gonna get a Squier XP. Specificially it is the Squier Affinity Strat Special. And for the amp, the Cube 20x which I already heard some good reviews on. So, will this rig be good for the beginner me? Lol, also I am on a pretty tight budget so. yeah.
Also I can also spend about 200 dollars right now and I found the musicians friend platinum thing. I know that credit cards and bad and stuff, but I just want to do it for 3 months paying about 33$ a month for 3 months and i heard that for 3m onths theres no interest. Am i right? So I want to know is this a good plan?
first off... i see you wanna play some beatles and avenged sevenfold... those bands are a bit out of your league still yet. try working on some songs by like maybe the all american rejects and green day. like them or not, their songs have a lot of the basic major, minor, and barre chords used in rock. then work your way up to those bands. your also better off paying cash on that stuff because in the end you will end up having to pay double what its worth. i recommend maybe the epiphone g-310 or a silvertone revolver pack. the silvertone revolver pack is a strat thats affordable. the amp in it sucks, but it will do. if you have anymore questions private message me. k.
um new band order thanks for your effort, but I told you I played acoustic for 4 months , you would expect me to know all the basic chords and the barre chords :P
well i understand that, but 4 months isnt very long. plus there are thousands of chords. i doubt you have learned them all yet. but if you know them, you may wanna check some stuff out by nickelback and def leppard. they are a bit more advanced.
Might I suggest the Micro Cube?
I've never heard/seen the 20x, but from experience, the micr ocube is awesome. Transportable, built in effects/amps/ etc.
Small and compact....and can still get LOUD.

Plus it's only 125ish dollers, if I recall.
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yeah the cube 20x is the bigger version with the same effects as the microcube
and to new band order, about the credit card thing, isn't there 0 interest if you pay if off in 3 months?
im not sure what it is.. but if you pay it off in that time you wouldnt have to. but i dunno how ur gonna pay it so yeah..
and another thing, that giving ur credit card number thing over the internet.. not the greatest idea, thats one of the #1 ways indentity theft happens. you'll be much better off paying in cash. plus if you take cash to a local dealer they make give you a discount for paying in cash. pretty cool deal actually.
I'll just ask in this thread instead of posting a new one, is the microcube or cube 30x better? Also, when should I look into getting a new guitar? I started playing about a month ago on an Epiphone LP Special (one of those starter packs).
i wouldnt know on the cube thing.. but as far as getting a second guitar.. i know.. the wait is gonna suck.. but id wait till about a year of learning.. plus id wait till i have the funds to get an amp and second guitar at the same time. those amps that come in packs suck so id get another guitar and amp at same time. if u have any questions canoshiz, private message me.
hey new band order, its Musicians friend the site that everyone trusts so, I wouldn't mind. And the cube thing, I tried the 30x and the microcube out. The cube 30x is generalyl bigger and has 3 band eq instead of a tone knob. I really liked the microcube and the 30 was good too.