Im unaware of how to change the strings on my new Strat (got it last week, but would like heavier strings, thats why im changing them.)

Fender/Reliance Vintage Style Tuning Machines are the type of tuners they are. They have a little hole in the top, with a slit going across the top of the tuner. I cant find it out on google, and the directions in the manual arent very clear. Does anybody have any experience with this?


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Kinda hard to explain, but you stick the end of your string into that hole you mentioned. But first you tweak at the end into an L shape. Then you stick the end into the hole and make sure the string is resting in the notch(slit). Then just make sure it stays in the notch as you tighten the string, and make sure its raveling around it correctly. Atleast thats how I do it on my strat.