might want to post what youve done while ur at it....
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I liked it. Your vocals could use some work, they were pitchy, but we've all been there. Can you crit my Neil Young cover. Link is in my sig.
Quote by FretZippy21
This is a really good cover! Vocals could use some work, but man you have a great voice, just practice staying in tune and all that fun stuff! Sounds great! What was the delay/effect setting in the beginning?

I used Toneport to record the guitar. So I got the delay by messing around with that.
Hey man its pretty good,like others have said,the vocals need some work.
The bass is a wee-bit too loud..nice guitar playing.
Its funny how you post this song,as I have just started to do this one myself..you make me want to finish it as i have not yet added that second guitar.
Let me know what ya think..the song can be located HERE
LIke the others said, you have a good voice for rock. Once you get in tone you will be smoking this song.
awesome,i liked it,you have a good voice,it just needs to be more in tune with the song somewhat...but awesome job once again
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haha nice decent try
i love this song
i covered it on my you tube
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