Is it possible to remove the 5 way selector on the strat and make it so you can change which pickups are selected individually? I think it would be cool to have a volume pot for each pickup so you could have them at different levels. Potentially, you could have all three on or just the neck and bridge, or have all of em but the middle is only half on etc. If this is possible, is there a tutorial that shows how?
it's like coil tap kinda isn't it?
i think guitarelectronics.com would have something bout it.
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what about something like this? just whiped it up in paint :P

I'm not great with electronics, but I'm seeing 3 pickups, 3 on-off switches, and 3 pots. Do you need the on-off switches if you have the pots? Can't the pots turn down the signal until it's off?