im fairly new to writing, and started getting my stuff together

ive been playing 2 and a half years and just began recording a couple months ago

i have some clips of songs and 2 backing tracks i made up on a music myspace i made and wanted to ask you guys for some critique on how i can improve the quality of my writing, considering im 7 months away from a berklee audition and want to get the best i can aside from reading theory books and performing in general in composing my own instrumental music


i appreciate all comments very much

thank you in advance

(and to the moderators that closed my previous thread, im sorry, i just read the subtext of the previous section of the forum and thought my thread would fit in there)
even if you only use your guitars low strings, some bass-lines would add alot off depth, especially for Breathe thats a good song.
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Sweep picking if i could actually get faster at it. But overall . . everything. Every technique in guitar playing is worth learning or playing. Nice thread by the way
i currently dont have a bass but ill work on maybe making my guitar sound somewhat like one with some tweaking, thank you for the tip and compliment

edit: to explain, i have very little money to spend as of now, i dont have a job and am a highschool student, but i know i have to save up now
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Hey man this stuff is prettty cool

I was wondering how you recorded? Also are those real drums, or a drum machine? Thanks alot and good luck with your solo project.
      i use a weird way to record

      it goes in this order

      Ibanez JS100 (black, stock pickups =)
      Podxt Live (my own custom presets)
      Roland Cube 60 (slight reverb, all controls at 12, bass at 3)

      then through the recording out of the Roland into a;

      toneport UX2

      and into Ableton Live 6

      all direct, and sounds beautiful =D

      and thank you for the compliment

      the drums are programmed through Ableton's midi setups, unlike most musicians im not a big fan of pro tools, i prefer ableton because it lets me look at a palette of recordings rather than the whole song i recorded
      I really like your tracks, I wish I could come up with such good clean riffs on my guitar.
      The drums are good for midi, better than most midi drums I hear.
      The overall atmosphere of all the songs are great!
      I feel like I have to get a new soundcard to try and match the recording quality of stuff like this! (I have a very cheap soundcard, but push it for all it's worth!)
      You state that you don't like pro software (I am very familiar with pro software) but the songs make it sound like you know exactly what you're doing anyway, so congrats!

      You have made a new fan, I'm adding you on myspace!
      If you wouldn't mind listening to my track, I would much appreciate it!
      haha thanks, and i just accepted you and posted a comment on your site

      yeah the midi drums i found out in ableton live are real drum clips actually set to a MIDI grid
      so you can trigger them anytime you like