What are good Ernie Ball Slinkies? I've played with a pair that was already on the used guitar I got, but I'm not sure what gauges. What are good Ernie Ball's, and what are the gauges on them?
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They're all good, just depends on what u want. I usually go with .10-.46 or .11-.50.
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Yeah like LIghtningRider said all good it's a matter of preference.

I really like to use Super Slinky 9's.
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your guitar probably came with 9's or 10's. I use 10's but either is fine.
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Depends what you play really. If you play detuned metal the Skinny top Heavy bottom are the strings I use. Let's you be able to bend and everything on the high strings but gives you decent tension for the low strings.

And on my 'rock' guitars I use hybrids. I dunno why I just like the feel of them.