So my schools art expo thing is coming up and i had a great idea to make a guitar shaped like our logo, which happens to look exactly like the minnesota viking logo. Ive access to all the tools needed to make it. i was wondering where i can get some dirt cheap parts for it, this is only going to be a show-piece, so it doesnt even need to be playable, just look like it. and also, where do you guys think the best placement for the neck would be?
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ebay...get some shitty pickup set a bridge some tuning keys and it depends if you want a bolt on neck or if you just want to build it right on there neck through...
I guess you should put the neck on the helmet, as if the body was a V guitar and the V is made by the hair, if you could mess a little bit with the horns you could even get it to be more Explorer-ish

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