ok, this is gonna be kind of long, but here goes.

ok, so my school is hosting a dodgeball tournament and the name of our team is "I'd Hit It". Now the adults seem to not know what that really means, so we get by in the name category without getting in trouble by the principle. we want to keep it so it has the 2 meaning thing going on, like i'd hit it as in dodgeball terms, but then the other more mature meaning. funny story time: all the captains of the teams had to go to the gym so they could sort things out and whatnot today. my friend's teams name is the tang gang... so the p.e. teacher comes out and she says to my friend, you guys have to do something with that name. my friend is like what? he and I both had in mind the drink, tang. anyways, she's like aww c'mon, you can't fool us with that, we all know what your thinking. my friend and i kind of look at each other confused and then shes says: pootytang?(sp?) at that point we kind of just lost it. he then explained to her what the name really meant. yea i'd just though i'd throw that wee bit in there. i thought it was funny...

anyways, what i need help with is our emblem, to put on our shirts. we don't really know what to put on them and we are thinking about getting them screen printed, so it looks good, but we're still clueless. we want to keep it dodgeball-ish, but other-meaning-ish if you know what i mean. so i thought i'd leave it up to the very thoughtful minds of the UG community. what have you guys got in mind?
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how about one with um.......that guy that looks like he's from the fifties with a thumbs up on people's t-shirts? any idea what i'm talkin about?

edit: somethin like this: http://www.tshirthell.com/store/product.php?productid=323
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How about an ass. But the cheeks are two dodge balls.

i was thinking about something like that, but im not realy sure on what to put, i want to be really creative.
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Just use thae ass idea, but put in on really short white t-shirts with the sleeves cut off.

I'm talking like bellybutton visible short.