Basically, there are a number of songs that I could play if I could just pick faster (Number of the Beast, Master of Puppets, Phantom of the Opera, etc.), but are there any exercises or anything in particular I should practice to get faster? Thanks.
Honestly, what I found that works is doing scales up and down, back and forth. Not only does it build speed and accuracy, you learn where scales are everywhere on the neck
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Alternate pick scales. That's probably the best thing you can do.
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Yes I've been able to alternate pick for a while, looks like scales are the way to go. Thanks for the help.
I personally have a hard time alternative picking, so try tapping out notes, economy picking and hammer ons and pull ofs as an alternative.
Chromatic scales up and down the neck and do different shapes, patterns, etc.

Do it slow, you don't want to end up playing sloppy.
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What they said, alot of scales, slowly getting faster and faster and going all over the fretboard.
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ye i have been having the same problems, i cant pick faster than the solo in bat country by avenged sevenfold.
what helped a little was:
play major scale using shred fingerings on clean and get faster gradually on metronmome
practice arpeggios on clean w metronome
alternate pick chromatic scales w metronome
economy pick 3 note per string method (malmsteen)
alternate pick pentatonic scales using 2 note per string(difficult) method w metronome

i only got a little faster practicing for a week like this, i guess it takes time