Hey, i'm just wondering what the lifespan of preamp tubes are. My laney has an ECC83(i think) in the preamp, and the amp is fairly old. It still sounds good, but will changing it make it sound better, or about the same?
It'll sound better. Old tubes can sound stale. But tubes just last as long as they last. There's no pre-determined length, although with consistent use you'll probably want to change them every 18 months or so if you don't want to lose tonal color. Some people keep tubes in an amp for a decade or longer.
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depends new tubes last around 2 years, NOS tubes usually last around 5.
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Yeah, my dads amp still has the origional tubes, theyre about 40+ years now. But, The distortion sounds just a slight bit muddy, so I think ill try a change. Does anyone know any good, high-gain tubes, and if you can put like 12AX7's in it?
How much would one tube cost, or even a couple so I can change my dads tubes. Im Aussie btw, so ill have a rough idea from American prices.