I want to go from Eb to D standard tuning. I'm playing a Jackson DKMG that was set up for 10's about a year ago. However, when I tune down to D standard there is pretty much no tension left. I would like to try 11's, will that require another set up? I'm currently using D'Addario EXL 140's (.010 .013 .017 .030 .042 .052).

I would GREATLY appreciate any suggestions.
I know I'll obviously need a higher string gauge. And I like my EXL 140s . If I remember correctly though the guy that set my guitar up for 10s made a really big deal about making sure I wanted to stick with 10s because he said a guitar could only be set up for a certain string gauge once. Is this true or did I just dream this?
10's are fine for D standard. If you do plan on going to 11's then yes you may be looking at some slight adjustments. remember to make sure that your bridge is parallel to the body
so it will be no problem setting the guitar up for 11s after getting it set up for 10s last year?

also, what are the chances of me throwing some 11s on there before getting it set up again and it doing fine with them?