Not really sure where to put this.. but I was just wondering... Awhile ago I heard that in garageband you can get normal mp3's and put them in as multiple tracks and like edit out the vocals n shit... but when I put mp3's on it goes in as one track. Does anyone know if you can actually edit out the vocals or guitar on garageband from mp3's or will they all go on as just one track?
You can't, it's impossible. It seems like at least 5,000 people aski this online each day. What the hell is so hard to understand about it?
ive used the program for a couple of years and ive never heard of being able to do that
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In order to do that, you would need to record them as separate tracks, and cut the volume on one.

Or just record it without vocals
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You can do the phase cancellation trick to remove anything panned exactly dead center in the mix. Most of the time the vocals are in the middle so you can get rid of them but guitars are almost always panned one way or the other. The problem with this is you might cancel out some drum parts or maybe bass, you just have to try it.
How to do it: (I've never used garage band so I'm not sure about the exact steps, but it should be close)
1. Import the mp3 track (has to be stereo)
2. Split the track into left and right
3. Select one track and invert it
4. Make both of them mono and press play
Now anything that was panned to the middle will disappear due to phase cancellation. If your lucky the vocals will be gone but everything else will be left behind.

And don't be surprised if you can still hear the reverb from vocals, its usually panned off to one side a bit. And if you can't do that on garage band you can do it with audacity
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Yay - a topic I finally know a ton about. To edit out the the vocals and stuff you would need the actual garageband (.band) file. If you only have an MP3 then your only option would be able to use a wav editor such as SoundForge for Pc - Garageband does not have a built in wav editor.

Logic Pro 8 is rumored to have wonderful wav editiing capabilities so after Apple puts those abilities into Logic they may eventually work there way into Garageband, but that will be a ways down the road. Sorry for the elongated post.
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