Hey everybody -

this is a new song from our band, Calendar. would love some comments and suggestions and of course all crits will be returned.

thanks in advance

Girl With No Name - http://www.myspace.com/calendar6
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Thanks for your crit of our work! After listening to Girl With No Name, I think the guitar playing is excellent and the beats are addictive. I would try to improve the vocals. They are kind of hard to understand. Hope this helps
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Everything on this track except the vocals are top notch. The vocals are somewhat bland, and they were quite pitchy too. Work on them. Otherwise good job! Excellent sound quality.

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its good, the vocals are a little quiet in some places in the begining, around 1:41 it sounds a little off time.
i like the vocals at 2:12.
and vocals at 3:17
i like this song alot
if you put a solo in it , that would be good
p.s. thanks for the crit on mine
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Good quality, although I don't like the vocals sorry. The lead fills sound really nice. I like how at around 2:10, the lead follows the vocals, very nice. I love the outro man, really sweet.

Just work on the vocals, otherwise awesome!
not really my kind of thing. i cant say id usually enjoy listening to things like this, and this wasnt exactly any different. musically, it was nice if thats what you enjoy listening to, but it isnt for me. i didnt enjoy the vocals much either tbh.

hope that didnt come across as harsh. its a cool song.
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I really liked the vocals! Reminded me of something like an indie band crossed with depeche mode, the song is very original and the production is fantastic! I can't find much wrong with the song apart from the fact that the chorus part sounds a little too muddled and the guitar and vocals need a little improvement at 2:15/3:17 . I really like the vocals though, ignore everyone else!

I hope you found my comment useful.
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thanks a lot for all the crits
to lobsterboy80: there actually is no bass in here, its just guitar, but that part at the beginning is with an automatic filter (used Garageband to record)
i'm not exactly sure what to say, it's so different, almost like pink floyd but more like top 40, i love it, the vocals seem a little flat (as in low, not quite hitting the notes), the synth and effects are really intriguing, 4/5 stars
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The Vocals could be louder, and I don't really like them, not very tuneful. All the other instruments sound great, and the production is slick. I really like the atmosphere the song creates with the keyboards. The auto-wah part is nice.

Just get your singer (or you?) to perhaps work on his singing a bit and you've got a great song on your hands!

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It's a good song, and you can sing, just you sing this song too low, and end up "scraping". Try transposing up a few steps and singing from your head voice (eg. don't sing like you talk).

The tune is very interesting, as everyone's said, it's got a kinda 80's feel. Keep it up!
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This is really cool. It definately has that 80s feel to it, but I do think you need to sing a little higher. The vocals are also really quiet in the mix, so I can't hear them that well. I think it would sound a lot better if they were a little louder and you sang a little higher. This sounds like a really awesome song, though. I love the synth stuff. It reminds me a little of a-ha or something like that. Great job, and thanks for the crit on mine, too.
really cool instrumentation youve got going here. the synth intro is great and the riff around 1:30 is really bizarre, in a good way. guitar and drums are overall very good, but the vocals dont do much for me, theyre still much better than i can do though. this almost reminds me of joy division/new order stuff. good work, keep it up. mind critting mine?
Repaying the favor of course... audio if fantastic, I might rip you off alittle.. lol... but like most other people the vocals are kinda weak. Having a real drummer helps. I wish I had one.. I hope the drums are real...

One problem so time you push too much stuff in, If you take out the rythym phasor thing sometimes it would be bad ass. Like around 3.07 , its just too much

Lastly those drums need to change like at the end put in a drum then stop, then on then stop .. yeah that would be bad ass.

I'm loving the intro except the vocals. Get a new singer. A girl preferably.. I dunno. but good job except on the vocals.
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pretty good job. i like the spurts of lead parts, but they might sound a bit better with some more dirt on them. idk, maybe that's just me.

and like other people have said, the vocals are a little low (in the mix and pitch-wise) and the drums get a little repetitive after a while.

overall good job though.
this is a really cool song. the synth intro is so groovy and the guitar lines are really mellow and remind me alot of something along pink floyd and .... something funkalicious. the lead line around 2:20 works really well with the song as well. the vocals are really drowned out though and could use abit of touching up. Awesome stuff tho.

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I really like it, I listened to Great Big Sea as well which I also liked. The vocals are fine just need to be a bit louder.