I'm a pretty recent guitarist myself. I'm (as of today) 17, and I practice vigorously everyday when I get home for anywhere between 1 and 8 hours depending on when I get home from track/wrestling/cross country/snowshoe practice (depending on the season), and I just started about 3 months ago, although I'm better than most peopel I know where at 3 months. I can play a few songs -- ACDC's Back in Black is the most complicated thing I can play right now (minus the lead solo).

right now I'm practicing position playing, trying to build up the necessary speed and strength to play more complicated, faster songs/solos.

I can't remember when I first decided I wanted to play guitar, but I remember when I was about four (maybe a little younger...) I had an interest in it. I had a toy guitar I absolutely loved and was so sad that I cried and screamed when my sister accidentally stepped on it and broke it.

now I have the real thing. I remember when I got my first guitar -- it was the worst guitar you can imagine. Got it off amazon about a year ago for about $25. I knew it was crap, but it was all I could get out of my parents (who didn't think I was really going to learn)... And at the time I had no job. I didn't bother seriously trying to learn on it until about three months ago.

the thing had such high action it can cause a veteran player's fingers to become bruised -- callouses won't even help you. And string bends are nigh impossible on the top fret.

thank god I got a new one recently, and a gem she is. Last Sunday I went down to Guitar center in Albany. I tried out a bunch of guitars in my price range (about $200-$300 for the guitar, $100 for amp, and about $80 for accessories).

I thought I was going to have to come home with another cheap guitar, like a squier (still much higher quality than my first guitar) But I found an amazing, used (but in mint condition) Godin Freeway Classic for $250. I love it to death. When I first saw it and played it, it felt brand new. It is a GREAT guitar for the money.

so I dragged that home with my new crate amp and I jam out on it every day. It's a real dream come true! I love guitar playing. Period. I will practice forever until I can be as good as most of you guys.
Happy Birthday

and I got into it because of "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age
My mom pushed me into trying it... I am happy she did, for the last 8 years I haven't been able to thank her enough, it kept me from going into the whole 'rap and hip-hop' music era, and I also made a lot of friends.
"Guitarmen, wake up and pluck wire for sound, let 'em hear you play"
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"I try to make any guitar do what I want it to do"
When I first started playing, I didn't rreally have an interest in it, but my dad had an old fender tele (awesome, right?) and it looked cool, so i started. Then, at summer camp, there was this kid maybe a year or two older than me, and (at my skill level then) he was amazing. To my standards now he still is rreally good. He performed at my camp with some other kids, and I thought, thats what i want to be. I play everyday now, between 1 - however long i dont have something to do hours. I can write some songs too. I've only been playin for 2 years, and I'm only 13, but it feels like I've been playing my whole life. When i just pick up my guitar and rip out an improvised solo, i feel cool. lol .

happy birthday btw.
My friend started playing guitar. Also my sister has been playing acoustic for awhile. So I check out a local store. I was going to get a guitar buy my sister urged me into getting a bass. So i played for awhile.

Then I started missing around with my sisters old starcaster. I got better....got a tube amp...got a stratacaster.
Thats where i am now. ( I still play bass alot too.)
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i saw the anime "BECK" a month ago.. and i was like "damn, i wanna do something in my boring life too" and i got into the guitar world...so now in the future i wana play in a band but for now im just learning my chords and some simple songs.. xD
Beck "Mongolian Chop Squad" the Anime inspired me to play the guitar

cloud/ red
about two years ago i got fed up with sitting in my room and staring at a wall, i was boresd to death and had no interests or friends. now, 2 years later im still the same way except i play guitar, which at leasts give me an interest and something to do besides stare at a wall.
Now that I think of it, I picked up guitar almost 5 years ago this year...scary how the time flies.
I think what set me off to wanting to play was seeing these guys playing guitar at house parties in my teen years, particularly Nirvana songs, and just getting a crowd happening and singing along. I wanted to be that guy playing the Nirvana song and having people sing along to my guitaring.
Of course i've somehow forgotten to play almost any Nirvana, but the thoughts there.
i started when i was bout ten (being 15 now) on a bass, i saw one of my buddies playin his and i loved the sound, so i got one for my birthday which i still have and am still using... my biggest inspiration on bass is steve harris of iron maiden, that guy is a god of bass, and probably the reason i got so good on bass..... then about 7 months ago (mid-august '06) i bought my first guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul 100, mainly so that i could play guitar in my band as no one else could really handle it and sucked. as of now ive been playin electric for almost 8 months and bass for the better part of 5 years, i now have a jackson DK2-L, which is amazing to say the least, i love that guitar, and im actually lucky enough not only play guitar in my band but also do some bass work, which is cool because i miss playing bass in a band... i have many guitar inspirations, but the one who stands out the most is probably Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, the dude is a god, and thats that...
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Happy Birthday


I got into guitar near the end of last year for a few reasons,
One was because my sister was an awesome guitarist, and I wanted to be her (Not like... A girl... But a good guitarist).
Two was because almost every band I liked had such awesome guitar solos, and I saw one live set from a band... At the moment the band escapes me, and the guitarist did an awesome solo and everybody loved him, and I was like: That's gonna be me
And three, was because I wanted to start a band with some of my friends, and they already had bass and drums, and they thought I'd be a pretty good at guitar.
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Was 7 or 8, dad found his old jumbo acoustic I tried playing it, but it was too big. Eventually we went to a restaurant and Sam Ash was next door. We went looking in there and found a small acoustic for (I think) $40.
its also interesting how many people locally i know now just because im the guitarist and do some vocals for my band, its pretty intense
A got mine a couple of years ago. I picked it up because I wanted to be like Randy Rhoads (not dead but a good lead guitarist). It was mainly his solo in the live version of suicide solution that influenced me the most.
um i think it was because of the solo in welcome to the jungle from GNR, which is weird cuz i hate GNR now! I thought itd be sooo tight to play that solo..i dont really care about that solo too much anymore, but i also liked the bat country solo (which i hate now) and i wanted to play like that (which i dont want to anymore lol)
i don't really know. i just always wanted to play since i was five. i've been playing for about 4 years now (16)
I started playing 3 years ago at 14. The first guitar I had was some cheap Strat knock-off. The songs that got me into guitar were pretty obvious, Sweet Child, 2 Minutes to Midnight, and various 80's metal. Ahh...the good ol' days.
666 BRO
I found a little door on the back of my epiphone les paul. first i knocked on it, and then when no one answered i opened it and went inside.
I heard some of Satch's stuff (Surfing, Satch Boogie, Always With Me Always With You, etc.)... and 1 w4z 4ll l13k "z0mg d1s 1z pyur 0wn4j!!!1!11!11one!!1". Then I bought an acoustic. (About a year after that, I got my first electric guitar.)
I started playing back around 7th grade... I think that would be like about 12ish years old. I remember learning how to play "7 Nation Army" and thinking, "Oh yeah, I'm the shit."

One band that really got me going though was Thrice. I learned the intro to "Deadbolt" and I was like "Whoa, I'm amazing." Opeth is really my main inspiration now musically.

I've been playing for about 4 years now. My brother basically taught me how to read tabs and I had to figure everything out on my own. Never could afford lessons. So basically I can play exceptionally well I would say, but I know jack shit about any theory, maybe a very minute amount. It's pretty sweet though because me and my brother both play guitar together in a band, and we both learn new things from each other all the time. But I'm definitely getting lessons when I can get a job to afford them.
i hate to admit it, but when i was 12 i knew this guitarist and he was the man, and i wanted to be cool like him. so my parents got me an acoustic guitar for christmas and dreamed i could be in an awesome "Punk band that plays lots of blink 182" (remember i was 12 and didnt knwo what the hell i was talking about)

but now im almost 16 and love guitar playing to death and have decided no matter what i do in the future my job is somehow going to be in music.

and i dont think blink 182 is remotely punk at all anymore...
One night while I was dreaming after being dazed and confused for far long it wasnt true.. I was in northern Europe, when suddenly these people who came from the land of the ice and snow met me, giving me a guitar. They told me to Go to California. I was out on the tiles at the time, which it was nobody's fault but mine. After reaching californa I went Down by the seaside right next to the ocean, and rock and rolled all night. I recieved a whole lotta love while being there. I felt like a trampled underfoot after giving all my love to them. I wrote a girl a note, told her since I was loving her that babe im gonna leave you. I asked myself, '' how many more times is this going to happen to me?'' So in the evening I was strolling down the road when a voice wispered to me. he told me what is and what should never be, which was very helpful advice since I was having a communication breakdown. He told me what would happen when the levy breaks, so I got out of there. I stayed around the mississipi river, I had the travelling riverside blues, so the living loving maid fed me some custard pie, which made me feel better. Suddenly a wisper came to me again.. '' go to kashmir'' So I did.. There I found happiness, there was a stairway to heaven and the soda machines took no quarters whatsoever. I had a black dog as a pet. Ive had good times, bad times, many of both, but since the beginning of my dreams ten years had gone. The voice finally handed me a guitar. That was my sign.
Because girls like guys that play guitar.... now I'm finding out a lot think piano playing is much sexier.

Just kidding, anyway I play because I love music. :-)
Hmm well I got my first guitar last year. The reason I did was because my grandfather wanted me to play a instrument so my friend had gotten a guitar that summer so i was well maybe Ill give guitar a try. So for x-mas that year I got a guitar. Now though Im not very interested in guitar. Im thinking about getting a cheap bass and giving that a try.
i was a late starter. i didnt even pick a guitar up til i was 24. i went to see oasis and i thought "i want to do that" so i did. i hadnt even thought about playing a guitar til i went to that concert.
I watched some friends play at school concerts and i decided to play too. It looked like so much fun!! And it is. I started a year after all my mates so i have people who can teach me and i can only catch up to their skill level.

Than i discovered the Blues!!
I was 14 and I wish Id started earlier. I started cus guitar ****ing rules!
Well it started out when I started listening to the Offspring. I really wanted to be a singer, but I found out my voice sucked badly, and was embarrissed to sing in front of other people. So I chose the closest thing to lead vocalist- lead guitar. I then got more influence by other 90's bands... And later on started on my 13th birthday in 2005. [Oct 2nd]. Now I love guitar, I've recently been slacking off, but as of today my practice rates are catching up to how they used to be =]
two years ago when we had to make a "rock band" for my music class assessments. our techer told us what we were going to play and i got put on bass. but after a year of bass i got bored and so i started playing guitar and i learnt all the basics real quick so i thought i'd stay with guitar
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Started playing when I was 6. My uncle gave me an old beat up Martin Acoustic to use and he taught me the basics. When I was 10 got my first electric (some off the wall shit from sears). When I was about 14 I got my first real electric - a used Rickenbacker Semi Hollow(still have it). 42yrs later still love playing still love jamming. Will play anything with anybody haven't met a song yet I can't butcher
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I heard "The Bard's Song" and "Battlefield" by Blind Guardian and I said "I'm playing guitar".
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i got into guitar because of Nirvana.....Narvana was the best, is the best, will always be the best!...i got my guitar about a mounth ago whe i turned 15....i love birthdays lol....theres 2 things i can play heart-shaped box...and the song i made for my band....im open to any tips on the guitar because im pretty new at playing....talk to me on AIM my screen name is autosaveme.....c'ya
Got into InMe, Muse and Good Charlotte in 2002 at the age of 12. Bought a guitar after actually seeing the videos for 'Crushed Like Fruit' by InMe and 'Plug In Baby' by Muse a year later.

I'm still into all 3 bands today.
I got into it cuz my dad bought me a les paul special II for my birthday one year. He didn't even play guitar but he forced it on me...thanks dad.
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