I'll finally be getting a long-desired Peavey Classic 30 combo for my birthday, and I believe it will be able to play everything I want it to with an OD boost where needed. However, I'm a bit concerned that it won't be able to play loud enough to suit my performance situations.

The biggest location in which I'll be performing over the next several years is a small high school basketball court. It only has about a dozen rows of bleachers (if that), so I'm fairly sure that I'll be able to crank the amp nicely. I just can't get over a feeling of doubt that the Classic 30 won't quite be loud enough.

Will a Classic 30 combo be able to handle my volume needs?
Yah sure, I mean, its not like everyone is going to be trying to ignore you, if your playing people will listen. If its run through a PA though, people will have to listen.
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If it's run through a PA, I don't see why not.

Yeah, I can always use the PA if it isn't loud enough. But I really don't like using the school's PA system, so I want to know if the amp can handle the court by itself.
yes, it should be. 30 Watts all-tube is pretty loud... And if it's a big place, there should be a PA, but i'd think it would be heard in the court....
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