I've been looking around for effect pedals recently and there were tones of suggestions on Keeley Moded Pedals.
I sort of understand the Bypass and the mods the Robert Keeley does to the pedals but, I'm still in debate if these pedals are actually worth my month.
I find them quite expensive compared to original pedals.
One's I'm looking at are

TS9DX FLEXI-4X2 $239
TS9DX FLEXI-4X2, $239, True-Bypass, High Gain/Low gain via Toggle Switch, Blue LED, 4 modes of tube amp overdrive. Limited supply as of Feb. 2007

$129 - Boss DS-1 ULTRA Mod
NEW DS-ULTRA $129!!! We send you a new ULTRA DS-1 Blue LED and FAT Switch. The Fat switch is a SEM/ULTRA toggle.

Are these Keeley moded pedals truly worth my money?
Is there a big difference in sound compared to the original unmodded pedals?

Thanks !
I have the DS-1 Ultra Mod, and I really like it. It's pretty different from the original, a lot more versatile and not as thin sounding to me. Check out the sound clips on the site if you haven't already.
they are worth it if you can't/don't want to do the mods yourself. I got a deal on a Keeley OD808, and I was able to A/B it with my stock OD808 I already had. It was smoother across the range, and had more gain and clarity at the extreme settings. The mods are definitely worth it, whether or not you do them yourself and trust the schematics is up to you.
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IMO some of them are worth the money, and others arent. i mean $129 for a modded DS-1 is a bit much. its not really that complex of a circuit, the mods dont look too hard, and its a cheap pedal to start. the mods do make it sound better, quite a bit better actually, but i dont know if it more than triples the worth of the pedal. however, i have a ts-9 modded to ts808 specs, and that is worth it IMO. sounds really nice and wasnt outrageously more expensive ($100 vs $155 or so). in some cases you may be better off getting a nice boutique pedal that will cost a similar price. in other cases, the modded pedals are worth it. its kinda something you have to look at for yourself and decide how important it is to you.