I'm still working on this song,Please Crit for crit.

"No motive for murder" by Grinner Ghost

(1.)Come on babe show me the way.
With those swaying hips and those golden licks.
I love you and don't go away,oh please don't go away!

(3.)Girl I got you in my sights and I'm starting to prey for you.
I out here waiting for her to come undress towards that glass.
Oh god you got me feeling the pleasure,The lust to have you!

(4.)I wont ever go away,Oh Babe! you better know I'm here to stay.

(5.)Girl,girl I must have you now it drives my impatience to be.
Teaseing me,Pleasing me but not having you is hell.Anger begins to fill
my heart watching you with out notice.I see you,don't you see me?!

(6.)I tried to have you...
I tried.....oh see me girl,I can see you,Oh please see me! I'm here for you!

(7.)My anger churns in my heart as you leave,I follow close behind,
Knife ready in hand.

(7.)I feel you,I see you but you don't see me.Oh please I'm going crazy!

(8.)Today is the day I lose control.
My knife raises high before taking your life.Ripping the beautiful flesh ajar,
Bloody screams echo in my mind.


(10.)I begin to scream,God why?

(11.) I'm sorry I wished she come back to me,My beautiful lady.I love you,Please come back to me!
But I know those wishes can't come true.

(12.)Shes gone form my life,My anger had made it true.The only thing I love became the thing I hate.
To see,to love,to tempt no more.
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haha, some of the lines are kind of cheesy, but the lyrics are pretty twisted, so thats cool. i liked it.
I guess Pot dose not make my wirting skills any better,heh,heh.Thanks.
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