Hey yall I'm in need of a song for a contest in November and I want to get a headstart as soon as possible. I've been playing since Christmas of 2005 and I have the skill of a person who can Classical Gas decently well but just can't seem to play it through without making a mistake. I prefer a classical song, but not just that genre. So if anyone has a song, please reply.
Playing for two years and still doing covers? For gods-sake, compose something on your own. Be original.

Edit: Nevermind. You've only been playing for roughly a year.
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mood for a day by yes. great tune, tons of fun, classical feel to it, and playable.
Low C - Erick Turnbull. his tabs on this site. Really good song, check it out on youtube

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Jay turser.. i dunno what model.
Even though I say this everytime in threads like this... White Summer... Watch the youtube video of Page playing it. It is amazing.
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Do the Mario/Nintendo theme LOL, its on youtube.

This is the classical guitar version (ths guy is VERY good)

This is the electric guitar version

Something different, eh?
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Wow. Low C is hard. Something easier
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Remember I'm the only one playing, and the judges won't allow a rock group to be the composer of a song, hate to break it to you guys. But someone like Clapton or Emmanuel is perfectly fine.
Is it the sorta thing that it needs to be a song already writen? of can you compose one yourself and do that?
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k, since no one actually recommended something ur playability, i would say angelina by Tommy Emmanuel
Caprice No. 5 In A Minor by Niccolo Paganini.
I learned it a month ago, and it is incredible!
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I'm learning Bouree right now, but it might not win me the competition (trust me, the competition isn't good, but bouree's not enough) Any other songs?
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It's Easy And Sounds Good

It's supposed to be an Instrumental. If I wanted to play a sing along song I'd play Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez.
I would try to play Mood for a day by yes (it's a classical composition written by Steve Howe) I guess this could give you some chance to win it.
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Mood For A Day, alright I'll check that one else. Any other songs that are around this song's level of difficulty, other than Classical Gas?