I bought the billie joe armstrong custom les paul jr a while ago and I think it's a pretty sweet guitar. Does anybody else have this guitar? If so what do you like/dislike about it. For those of you who don't know who billie joe is, he is green day's frontman(duh).
why didnt you just buy a normal les paul jr.......i dont find the point in buying signature guitars, are you billie joe? no, so what are you doing with his guitar?

however, i DO like the normal les paul jr quite well, its great guitar.
I didn't buy it just because it's his signature guitar, I bought it because it has a H-90 pickup instead of the P-90 that's on the original juniors. And I think the billie joe model isnt as exspensive as an original jr is.
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green day sucks thats all i can say

thanks for the info. i hear that about a million times a day. congratulations, youre the 1,000,001 person to tell me that today.
An orginal junior is less than $800. I see no point in spending 1500 on a guitar that has billie joes name on it. One, he is not a talented guitar player, two you are not Bill joe so why do you own his guitar? (quoted from orginal=punk).

Green days first few albums were decent, and they were an alright punk band until they totally sold out with American Idiot. I do have to give credit to Mike Dirnt though, he is a skilled bassist that knows what the hell he is doing.