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Let him do it, it don't matter.
28 68%
Give him one more chance to stay.
7 17%
Kick his ass out now?
6 15%
Voters: 41.
As I've seen my other bands (Fritz, Caweebadip, ect. all funny stories, I should post 'em up sometime) go down the drain, I'm finally leading a good band that's starting to acheive some mild success. However, I always sem to find myself ending up as the asshole of the band (requisite of my leader responsibilities). Our drummer Jared and I founded that band, and about a month ago I had to kick our rythym guitarist out of this band for constantly practicing with another band (one of my rival's bands, nonetheless) and I would have never even spoken a word about it had my drummer not been behind me 100%. So that all happened, amicably thankfully. But now Jared is starting to practice with that very band. He says I shouldn't take it so seriously, but for some reason it is constantly eating away in the back of my mind. Would should I do? Let him do it, as he is a founder? Give him the 'next time you practice with those circle-jerking assholes you're out!' ? Or just boot his ass now for being a hypocrit? Thanks for the advice.
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Any member of any band should be allowed to join as many groups as they would likeas long as it does not interfere with the first one.
If anything it will benefit your band as he'll get even more experience, making him a better musician.
Let him be a part of it, you can be parts of other bands too, it's not like you have to be restricted to one band.
Get out there and broaden your music reach.
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The thing is, our practice schedule is getting f-ed in the a.
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i would normally let him but you, and him kicked the rythem guitar player out for that reason. I would give him a warning.
Yea your starting to make it like a high school drama soap opera. DON'T DO THAT, FOR IT RUINS THE MUSIC. The main focus of a band should be making music, not having popularity contests with other bands.
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Well, it would make sense to be a high school drama as we are all in highschool.... And yes, my ego is extremely important to me. When your rival's got to of your own, it really breaks your balls.
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Did I mention finding as badass of a drummer as Jerad is the equivalent to getting a Free V from Guitar Center?
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If he's that good then you don't wanna get rid of him. But at the same time tell him that you don't want the band that you two started together going down the shitter.
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Grow up, he can do whatever he wants. You guys aren't bound by contracts, you aren't on tour, and for you to think you can dominate what someone else can do is idiotic. Chances are, you guys will break up due to you taking everything too seriously. Music is about free spirit, and you get better by playing with other people.

And I bet by rival band, you mean a band you don't like and they don't like you. Unless they've upstaged you at a gig that term doesn't really apply.
I would give him a warning because he might leave ur band for the other band
i think that side projects are always something that kills a band they can mess up a famous band but when ur in a band thats trying to make it it can really mess up or kill you guys its happened to me be4
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So I thought about it and decided to let him continue to practice with the other band as long as it stopped getting in the way of our practices and did not get in the way of future plans. He agreed and we're all happidy-dappidy now.

Oh, and we are rivals because they were dicks and did upstage our set once, and we returned the favor.
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