There is not a lot of information on these guitars on the net, just wondering what you guys thought of them.

I own a 99 with cancharana top, the truss rod cover just says "SmartWood" (unlike the newer ones with the green logo).

how thin it is http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v646/ParryPerson/1999GibsonSmartWoodCancharana1.jpg

with my wifes strat

anyone like these babies? I was planning on getting a studio but couldn't find one that measured up to this one I found used at a local shop.
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That finish is so sexy, usually I don't dig Les Pauls, but that one is sweet. Nice strat also.
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i suposse they're lighter (less pain in your back YAY!!!)

but the strat (specially in that vintage white finish) has my attention
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its pretty kick ass, your wife plays too eh? you picked a good one :P hahah, but ya, the les paul is definately awesome man, nicer then mine, i'll tell you that:P
you might be the one who make me change the opinion on gibson 0.0 .

i will take note of them when i went over my local store, its defintly look great
Aye, they're nice, i believe the whole point of the smartwood range was that they used wood from sustainable sources in order to be environmentally friendly.