To me that seems like a pretty ood guitar, for metal anyways, I don't really understand why it receives alot of hate. I mean I'd price that at about 500$, which is whatI think it is.

Anyways my main question is why its so hated, is it because its under Dimes name, and because he was over-rated, so would his signature then too be overrated, or is it because Trivium plays them, whats the deal? Why the hate?
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..except the price is like double what you think it is..

I'm pretty sure thats the cheaper version. I think anyways.
I Think that guitars actually somewhere around $3K, could be wrong.

Edit: I think thats the cheaper one too.
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All razorbacks are like a bagillion dollars, but play like any other guitar. Just because its under dimes name and it has a weird ass body its that way. Meh, I want a guitar that sounds nice not looks nice.
it actually ranges from 1200 to 4500 bucks (ebay)....i personally think its a fuc*in awesome guitar (in terms of looks especially) i just gotta get a job so i can buy one
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It's the cheap one, and it's in the AMS catalog for 1200 this month.


It's a $500 guitar that they're charging $1200 for. Which is why i'm not a fan of dean's dime guitars.
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LFR... at that price... rofl

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I like the Razorback V and although the china version is much cheaper it is a brilliant guitar, although i wouldnt get it in yellow i would get it in red
that is a pos guitar. You can get so many better guitars for metal at that price.
The razorbacks are 1200-4000 bucks and that one is cheap has crappy pickups and a crappy licensed tremolo at a high price f that.
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a lot of what youre paying for is the name, but they are pretty good quality and look AMAZING, i was so close to getting one
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Haha. Dime overrated...

Funny. But I do hate Trivium. Those fags need to get their own guitars.

I like those guitars, though. Especially the new one with skulls on it. Badass...
It's because they're rather mediocre guitars for a lot of money.
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I have played the Dime Deans. Overrated. LFR and the DImebucker is quite shit. Don't get one, they feel kinda cheap.
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I have played the Dime Deans. Overrated. LFR and the DImebucker is quite shit. Don't get one, they feel kinda cheap.

That one has EMG's

If Dean were to dish out another $50 in their production of guitars for an OFR, they would be quality guitars. (or at least less bad)