Is it possible to add a humbucker to a strat? And I'm not talking about the single-coil size stacked ones. I'm thinking that maybe I could route out the body a little, widen the pickguard, and just swap out the bridge for a humbucker. What changes would I need to make to the electronics? Would it be difficult to have a humbucker bridge, and single coils for the neck and mid?
a lot, if not most, strats are routed for humbuckers in the bridge position. you can take off your pickguard and see if yours is. if it is, then it shouldnt be too hard to just buy a new pickguard for a HSS config and wire it up. i dont think you would need any big changes to the electronics (other than wiring a new pickup) unless you wanted to do something interesting (coil tap or the like). seeing as how a fat strat is a strat with a 'bucker in the bridge and single coils in mid and neck, it wouldnt be difficult to have a guitar like that. in fact, it gives for some nice versitility.
You could opt for 300-500k pots, depending on what sounds you like.
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yea im doing it now
best off to buy a new pickguard tho unless u have a dremel it will more than likely crack

bad, shame.

How about 350k pots, which are 500k with a resistor wired into them. Forsaknazrael had a diagram for with 2 humbuckers. Maybe do a 2 volume, one tone circuit, so that you can use the ideal pot for each pickup type.
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