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Zakk Wylde - BLS
17 23%
Adam Dutkiewicz - Killswitch Engage
11 15%
Dimebag Darrell - Pantera
20 27%
Herman Li - DragonForce
4 5%
Steve Vai
12 16%
Eddie Van Halen - Van Halen
6 8%
Joe Satriani
5 7%
Voters: 75.
The question is obvious. I didn't bother using the search bar, so don't bug me saying "You ever heard of search" or "I vote search bar".
666 BRO
Mark Tremonti.
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IDK about most skilled w/ pinches, but my favorite on that list is Satch so that's who I voted for.
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Zakk Wylde


Not really. He might be good at them, but he overuses them to the point of it becoming obnoxious.
Personally, Dimebag FTW
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i went with zakk, although Dime was a close second
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Not really. He might be good at them, but he overuses them to the point of it becoming obnoxious.
Personally, Dimebag FTW


dimebag used them tastefully. zakk just uses them too much.
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where's the guy from symphony x?

i forget his name....

Michael Romeo? Well, he's not known for his use of PH's.
666 BRO
Zakk and Dime are the best out there in terms of pinch harmonics

There shouldnt even be a poll
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No. Emos can't grow facial hair, not to mention their inability to invade Poland
If I could vote for all of them, I would. I don't know who would really reign supreme out of all of them, but I'm pretty sure Zakk *****s them out the most. (per song, anyway)
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Quote by Kankuro
Michael Romeo? Well, he's not known for his use of PH's.

i was thinking him also, just listen to the song inferno, off the odyssey.
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killswitch engage

I personally thought he would take the cake. Him or Dime. I agree with most people saying that Zakk uses them obnoxiously, while Adam and Dime don't overuse them.
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Dime, although I don't find Zakk's use as obnoxious as most of you guys find it
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Dime, just listen to cemetary gates, revolution is my name, and especially the solo in floods.
my Pet-rucci should be up there!
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I just voted and now I see that Dimebag is winning at the moment, cus he definately was the best
I like the way Claudio Sanchez uses them the best tbh. Dime gets my vote on the list though.
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Billy Gibbons dork.
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What about Billy Gibons? I vote Billy Gibons, but on the eligible candidates, I vote Steve Vai.
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my Pet-rucci should be up there!

No John Petrucci should be excluded from all polls for the simple fact that he is the all around best guitarist EVER!!!! Seriously, he is my hero, I'd love to be as talented and well rounded when it comes to playing music as he is.