here I love this song, so I figured I'd try learning it. There are some pauses in the song as I didn't record it all at one time, but there's nothing I can really do about it. I'm actually surprised at how good a tone I got considering I just plugged my guitar directly into my pc.

any comments?
i like it. uematsu makes the most beautiful music, and this is a cool version. obviously one or two notes are very very slightly off time but its very good.

and its called 'to zanarkand' i believe.

nice job.
^That's right, I forgot the name. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit off but I followed the score and I couldn't see what I was wrong. Thanks for the comments!
I can't fix my tone, as I've said in other topics. I have it plugged directly into my pc, so until I find a new way of recording that's the best.

I played with a metronome and everything was perfect, but maybe it got messed up when I mixed it, I don't know.