What do you need to know to be able to run the soundboard for a small local band? Is it just playing around with volumes until everything is mixed right or is there any special practice or skill that I would need?
lol..... dude if u dont know i wuddnt try....u have gains highs mids lows .... effects....monitors controls.....volumes....mains....amps....the whole works man but yea if everything is set up you can just "play around with volumes until everything is mixed right" but it wont be near as efficient
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You know the little knob, next to the tone knob, the one that says volume? twist it until it starts making noise again.]
you have a 3 band EQ volume levels, monitor levels (if its a nice board) and sometimes onboard effects or an effects loop on the board. You at least need someone to show you how to run the board.
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ok thanks. sounds like there's a lot more to it than i thought. i'm not in the situation but i may have to find someone this summer because i don't think i'll know how to do it. i appreciate the help.