i hope this is the right place and if not i apologise.

so right this very second i feel very compeled to write. i mean like my heart is literaly burning and my brain is saying he jackass write some shit down but ive yet to write somthing productive or in the direction im going for. never have i been in a jam like this. i can usualy write about shit alot np... whats up??? i mean like i feel like i wont be able to sleep till i write a song ive got so much emotion that i could pour into this... whats goin on? this happen to anyone?
iT's called writer's block, and yeah, it happens to everyone. yOu're probly best jsut going to sleep and trying again tomorrow.
You just gave yourself the subject to write about. Your stuck and nothings coming out happens. I will normally just write what comes into my head, kind of like you did when you asked the question above and circled it with what you were feeling at the time. So write how and what you feel without worrying about any form for the moment. Then go get some sleep and come back to it tomorrow and something will more than likely push its way out.
I got nothin to say so no one can hold nothin against me