tenacious d is ace!

and your cover was just as cool as they are!
singing wasn't that amazing, still ok though.
Shit, Im about to leave and I got about a minute into it. So far, really cool job. I like the accoustic solo type thing played over the rhythm. What was that song that you played in the beginning? It sounds INSANELY familiar, but I cant remember where its from and its driving me insane, haha. Ill give you a better crit later when my computer has more time to load and im not being rushed.
it was chapter four by avenged sevenfold
just thought we'd add a little bit of variation to the song
cheers for your feedback
^Just make a new thread.

The cover was cool by the way.
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Alright, I finally got a chance to re-crit this. Its pretty damn good. I like the demon voice, hahaha. Singing wasnt too bad, a hell of a lot better than mine. I liked the little A7X solo in the beginning. I knew it was familiar! hahahaha, I just got to where the solo is. Was that Stairway?! Anyway, it was a really good cover of an amazing song and it kept me entertained. Ill give it a 9/10. Would you mind critting my cover?
watching yous guys' faces was the best part. you looked all serious, ya got the dry deadpan thing down. too funny. performance was decent for sitting and doing it one take... could use a little practice to tighten it all up, but hey, it was fun. and if nothing else the D should always be fun.