Please... Somebody teach me how to make a pedalboard. A pedalboard which is cheap and simple but it is versatile to use. By the way, I have a Zoom 606 effects, will that help me on making this project...? Please... Teach me...
If you only have one pedal, you dont need a board. You dont need a board until you have 4 (minimum) pedals.

However, if you were going to then you need to take the following things in mind:

Will it be powered?
How many pedals will it take?
How will the pedals be held?
How many tiers will it have?

Power supplies are usually just daisy chains connection to a plug attached to the pedal board by glue, screws or velcro.

Pedals are usually held either in recesses in the wood or by velcro. Velcro means you glue on side of the velcro to cover the board and pieces of the opposite velcro to the base of the pedals.
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^hes right 100%

you just have to get plywood and make a box is the simple version of it.
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plywood, and carpet. Make sure that It has velcro, and edges.
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J/ get some plywood, cut it to size and angle it to where the backs higher (whatever feels comfortable to you). Then put horazontal strips of velcro on the board and verticle strips on the pedals. Also for power you might want to consider the Visual Sound 1 Spot. Can power twice as many pedals as the power brick for half the price.
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If you just have one pedal (Zoom 606 multiFX) than your floor should be your pedalboard.... in other words, you don't really need one.
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