Hey peeps!

My band (Odd Ones Out) have just recorded 8 tracks - a nice collection of rock 'n' roll songs that we call 'Serge Fontaine'!! Please check out a few of our tracks at http://www.myspace.com/oddonesout and whether you love or hate em just enjoy the ride!

If you're swinging near 'love'.. you guys in the UK we'd muchly appreciate your help.

Odd Ones Out are entered into an online weekly unsigned bands chart thing (http://www.topoftheox.co.uk). High charting bands get major publicity and there are a few prizes going on - overall prize is getting a track RELEASED by crash records..

It's essentially a text based vote system, the more votes, the higher up the chart ya go! Texts cost 50p (plus your standard network charge for a text message). So.. if ya like our stuff and aren't strapped for cash then please!

text ox 18 to 83070


Odd Ones Out
Very nice, I like rollin' on. It's not what I normally listen to, but this was really good!
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Allow me to summarize it:


lolz at teh led zeplinn!

If you want a band logo PM me