hey guys.

i'm getting a delay pedal, either the boss dd-6 or dd-20. i'm just wondering is it worth getting the dd-20? is the delay of superior quality to the dd-6, are the features worth the extra price?
dude. Please get the DD 20. I have it and its awesome. It also doubles as a loop station. Please just buy it. Trust me, u wont regret it.
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Im gonna upgrade to a marshall mg.

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yeah man. Go ahead and spend the extra $$ for the DD-20. It's nice to that it's programmable...try selling that ME-50 too
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try selling that ME-50 too

oh i am! i'm getting the delay and a tuner with the dosh then.

thanks for the feedback, ill prob go for the dd-20
I heard that thing in action and it sounds like you won't be able to use all of the features...there's waaay too much :P: I say go get the D-20!
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