i have a randall rh150 150w hybird amp ,at the momant i am runing it into a standard randall cab. i am thinkin of buying this >>>>>> http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212_vintage.htm <<<<<<<
will this cab be able to cope with my 150 head ?

i am planing on runing both cabs in stero if that hellps.
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It says the cab can handle 120w but your head puts out 150w, so if you run just that cab and your head you could blow the speakers if you turn it up too loud. Im not sure if that head has stereo outputs on it so the running in stereo option might not work. Just wondering why do you want the cab since you already a randall cab?
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As Static said, the speaker can't handle the FULL volume of the head. So, don't turn it up past 6 if you get it. Also, you have to check on the back of your randall how many Ohms it supports. It has to match the cabinet.
well i have parallel outpts on my amp and my randall cab has a 4 and 8 ohm input and a mono and stereo switch and the harley benton cab has 8 and 16ohm inputs.so how would i use both cabs?
Just set em to 8ohms. BUT, the cabinets will sound different, so don't use em together.