I picked up a new guitar lastnight from a mate (epiphone les paul vintage) and re-strung it. It was only the third time I've re-strung a guitar cos I'm still pretty new to all this and I did it the same way as before.
So I strung, tuned, played a little bit, tuned again because new strings will stretch at first right? I've played it a fair bit since lastnight and strings 3 to 6 are fine. The trouble is that 1st and 2nd string will have already dropped out of tune before I'm even halfway through a song, just playin gentle basic chords.
Is there somethin I might have done wrong or will they be alright after a while?
Cheers, Max
just stretch the strings as in do a whole load of bends and then re tune it and it should be fine and if its not im fairly baffled.
i think thats probably normal. the thicker strings have more to stretch if you know what i mean, so its natural that they will take longer to get right.
i had a similar problem once and it turned out it was because i didnt end up having enough string around the tuning head once it had been tightened which meant the string would slip a little and the tuning would be out heaps quick
could also be the tuners
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Cheers guys,
did bends in each fret on the 1st and 2nd strings and re-tuned, then repeated twice.
Just ran through a couple of songs and it's much better now.