I know what you're thinking, this is some noob who just can't play semi-harms and is blaming it on his guitar. I can assure you I'm not, and I can play semi-harmonics on nearly every guitar except mine.
I have a Lag Ak 100, old version of this:


Great to play, but the pick-ups aren't good and as I've said, semi harmonics are nearly impossible. (they're there, but they're at a quarter of teh volume of normal notes)
I've considered it might be my excessively digital rig, but when I play on my brother's Jackson or my freinds Ibanez, there's no problem semi-harmonics fly out

So I'd like to ask, if any of you know why this would happen? Is it just a matter of changing pick-ups? Could it have to do with the distance of the strings from the pick-ups? Or even the tension on the strings and neck?

Any help and advice appreciated.
it may be your map, im assuming u mean pinch or artificial harmonics so ya my mg30dfx does it too there super quiet if i can get em at all, what i did was put on normal distortion and then boost it with a pedal but i htink its just need of a better amp
Thing is I've tried other amps, so I know it's the guitar.
well are you using bridge pickup? whats the tone on your guitar? it could be the pickups but usually if you can hit the harmonics on your eg acoustically then its the pickups for sure