Well Ive spent the past 2 years (will be 3 in September) watching lots of porno, reading alot of Terry Pratchet and listening to alot of zeppelin, but now the time has come to get my life in order.

I was originally going to go to college in September (college in the UK is different from the US, its one up from high school but one down from university) to do a course I didn't really want to do (popular music and technology). A friend does it and its not so great, two years of work for not alot of reward. But we have an SAE institute in my city that I was looking at applying for because it has exactly the course I want to do, Sound engineering, the qualification gained after two years is a bachelor of arts.

I know the decision sounds easy but Im worried about the student loan side of things, the course costs £6000. So basically what this thread is about is student loans in the uk and what do you think I should do?
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You can get a student loan that you only have to pay off when you earn over 13000 or something. i'm not sure.
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you don't have to pay student loans back until you're earning over a certain amount each year.

also, if you're under 19 when you start a course, i'm almost certain you can weasel out of paying for it. i'm going to start a course in september (after doing two years of sixth form college) which is a foundation year, and i don't have to pay because i'll still be 18. if i was born four days earlier it'd be £3000 a year, lol. read all the fine print and check the details, there's probably a way for you to at least pay less.
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Yeah that's true. Go with it man, it sounds like the qualification from the SAE place will be better for you, and it might lead to a well high-paying job.

I'd run with it Good luck mate.
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yeh, student loans in the UK are only required to be payed off after you begin to earn enough that you can pay them off. Take the course you want to do, however great pratchet zeppelin and porno are your better doing the degree you want and getting the career you want, rather than telling yourself your doing something by doing a course you dont really want to do to get bugger all.
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you only pay them back after a certain wage level has been reached and after 25 years of completing your degree any remaining debt is wiped clean.
If you take out a student loan, you dont get any interest on it until you're earning so much. I think all your debts get revoked if you become a teacher aswell, but anyway... one good thing is you can take say a £30,000 loan out, put it in the bank, and receive money off the interest on it. My tutor explained it to me... even if you dont need a loan you can get the money, leave it in the bank and get possible a thousand or so on interest, then payback the 30,000 when you leave...
You're abandoning a life of pr0n, Pratchett and music for college?

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You're abandoning a life of pr0n, Pratchett and music for college?


The other thing about the student loan is that the amount you pay back only increases with inflation - making it the cheapest loan you'll probably ever get, so even if you didn't need the money there's no point not getting it.
Well the loan situation sounds pretty nice indeed, thats a big worry off my mind, I wasn't sure how they worked.

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You don't need to pay to go to college for the first three years.

Yes if your under 19 (which I will be when I start) but this Isnt college, its a private university type of thing.
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Fronk, mate, go and do the course. It will only benefit you in the long run. Honestly.

We'll be behind you all the way.
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Fronk, mate, go and do the course. It will only benefit you in the long run. Honestly.

We'll be behind you all the way.

Means alot
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There's a LOT of bursaries available, providing your parents aren't loaded. Go find out about them

I think a Student Loan is paid back after 15k a year, and honestly if you manage to keep your living costs down (IE go easy on the partying) then I think Uni's easily manageable financially.
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seriously though
go for it
whats the worst thing that could happen?
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hey fronkpies. the loans will be easy enough to pay off, they only start coming out of your bank in bits after you're earning 15000 or more =D. thats pretty good , 6000 isnt bad at all. mine is 9 grand for 3 years, and apparently they're thinking of puttin the prices up in a few years time again. but if u register for hte loan/course now, you'll only ever have to pay what u sign up for

go for it man !
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If there's one of those Connexions branches near you they might be able to tell you about all the money stuff.

Good luck fronk!
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