Honestly, for the price is it worth it? I mean I've heard GREAT things about them and I know the son of the guy who owns guytronix so I know for a fact that the company is doing well. He says that they are great, the reviews say they are great. So, what do you UGers think? Anyone built one of these? http://www.guytronix.com/home.html

I mean its about 300 bucks

and I would probibly want some of the upgrades too...

Now, it'd be a while (6 months to a year) untill I get the money thanks to my last major purchase (MIM strat).

Plus I have stuff I need to do to that too...

but back to the point

is it worth it? Or could I do better with something cheaper like an epi valve jr?

I have an amp that works for me for practice. I just want an all tube amp eventually
the sound clips sound awesome $300 is a good price but would be steep for me.

I have never played an Epi V Junior so can't comment.
So you want a very small tube amp for the price, or for the volume? Getting it for the lower price is really the wrong reason.
5 watts is damn loud. all other things being equal, 5 watts cranked is still half as loud as 50 watts cranked--a 1/2 watt amp would be half of that. other low watt amps you can look at are the one from zvex and the matamp minimat.
What do you want it for?

I have the Z.Vex Nano half-watt head. It's great for low volume practice and recording. But I got it AFTER I already had an amp suitable for gigs and such. If you've got to save to get a .5W amp, I think you're really better off continuing to save for a bigger amp. You don't want a .5W amp as your only amp.

And do you have a cab already? 'Cause you need a speaker to run that thru. That's another couple hundred bucks.

Meanwhile, you can get a 5W Epi VJ combo for under $140. Can't beat it for the price. I'd do that, and save the rest of your money. Or yight also consider saving for a bit and getting the Peavey Windsor Combo, which is 15W, but has a built in attenuator for great tones at bedroom levels.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Well I have a practice amp already. I want something to move up too. Eventually I plan to get into gigging and all but for now, its practice...*hangs head in shame*