does anybody have any good bass vids to show some begginers lessons?
my lil brither just got a bass, and for all he knows, its a peice of wood with 4 strings.he doesen have a clue where to start so if you can help out with some very begginers vids( for free,...) that would be very good.

i cant get you free vids, but youtube should help, as well as CyberFretBass.com

money wise, I'm all finge4rstyle playing so i got the Billy Sheehan DVDs
its prety darn good in some aspects

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Along with the suggestions above, check out the bass manufacturers websites--Gibson has a few videos on theirs, Fender has lessons at least; I'm not sure if they have videos as well.

Most of the videos / DVDs I have really assume a basic knowledge of the instrument and assist in refining your bass playing or focusing on a certain players style or technique. The good beginner videos aren't that much more or less than the cost of strings, btw.
http://fenderplayersclub.com that has a few helpful lessons on it, when i started out i learned from a book that just taught the basics of the instrument and it really helped me get a feel for it
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I would check at your local public library. My local libraries have several excellent Learn to Play the Bass DVDs. If they don't have them, ask them to get them from another library.