I'm not sure if this should be in Band Leading but I figure, go where those rare animals hang out.

Short story:

I discovered my parents' stack of old CDs and LPs (!!!), heard The Who's You Better You Bet, mostly fascinated by John Entwistle's sound and how the picture frames shook in time with his playing, nobody knew better so I got a Gibson SG (?!?) as a present, played John's basslines and of course the sounds sucked, learned guitar in the process, etc.

There were 2 bassists in my middle school then, lucked out and met a non-noob bassist who was in HS, played a Bar Mitzbah where we got paid, bassist bailed and joined another band in his HS, am now in HS and tried converting a guitarist to a bassist (didn't work), still couldn't find a proper bassist, always wanted to be a Bassist anyway, so re-started again.

We play rock, mostly cover since we still don't have the chops to compose our own. I have a Fender PBass and Aerodyne JBass and a Washburn active 6-string and a Behringer starter amp.

2 Questions:

1. Amp: I've got about $500 saved so far and I need an amp that won't be overwhelmed by *and* will be able to keep up with the 2 tube guitar amps. We may luck out and discover a proper bassist now that we're in HS, but this animal is so rare. The amp should be able to do the occasional school performances, birthday parties, county fairs, etc. and allow me to grow with it so I won't feel the need to upgrade for a long time.

2. I love playing in a band - I play lead or rhythm in 1 band and Bass in another. I enjoy both but am a better guitarist than a bassist at this time. Bass is hard and I practice it at least 2 hours a day. All band members have at most 2 years experience. So practice, practice, practice and what else?

Thanks for reading.

*goes back to practicing Grand Funk Railroad's I'm Your Captain*
Look at the Ashdown MAG series
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get a fender bassman 150 it worked for me when i used it (still use it even though i have a G-k 1/2 stack)
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If you're in Canada, you should definitely be checking out Yorkville amps, they're very well built, sound great, and are extremely good value if you live in Canada. Even if you live in the States, you should check them out.

Otherwise, you're likely going to want to save a couple hundred more dollars before getting an amp. Then look into the Fender Bassman series, Ashdown MAG amps, and the G-K Backline series. There's more, but I'll think of them later.

Things you should look for in an amp if you're gigging:

- At least 200W (the more the better, but in your price range 300W is usually the most you'll get)
- An extension speaker output
- Some sort of balanced output for going straight to the PA
- 2x10 cabinet rather than 1x15 (in my opinion...some people prefer the sound of a 1x15 but I think it's just too undefined on its own). Although if you can get a combo or halfstack with a good 4x10 cab, that's even better.
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I agree with canadianpunks amp suggestions.

Besides practice make sure you've got your theory down and just make sure you learn to bring a songs key to the audience's ear.
GK Backline 600 I have this amp and just love it, i can easily keep up with 2 Guitar stacks without cranking it up all the way and making the tone suck.
i subjest the fender bassman as well. get the 250watt oen w/ the 15 inch speaker.
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