I'm looking into buying a new amp right now.. most important thing to me is a good clean sound.. I can always buy stompboxes when I need something the amp can't give me although I'd like it when the amp already has nice distortion. I'll be practicing with it but probably will be playing small/medium gigs with it as well.

So I was wondering.. would the Yamaha DG60 be a good choice? I can get one 2nd hand and I'm willing to pay about 200 euros (about $300) for it, or is that very non-realistic? What I really like about this amp is that it's upgradeable with another yamaha 60 watt powered speakercab.

The other options I have open at the moment are a Hughes&Kettner Edition Blue 60R, Peavey Transtube Bandit 112, Fender FM212R or a Roland Cube 60.

I'm not really into tubeamps yet because of the maintenance and the weight (still need to get the bugger up the stairs and in my bedroom )
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